Beer for girls

I am a girl (well, woman) and I like beer. Some girls don’t like beer. That is fine, it’s your choice and I’m not going to force it down your throats with a funnel.

It’s just that the stereotype of the typical beer consumer riles me. My belief (and this is not backed up by science) is that girls they are told they don’t like beer, and therefore don’t drink it. This is enforced by social norms, and the fact that most beer is not marketed to girls (18+) or designed to appeal to their tastes.

But girls, rejoice! Because beer culture is growing in its diversity and it is thinking of you. Here are some beers that I have tried and thought: “Some girls might like these even if they normally don’t like beer!”

I would love to hear your feedback. Have you tried any of these beers or do you have any others to recommend? You can comment below or on my facebook page here:

White Mischief, a Salted White Peach Sour – by Garage Project, Wellington, NZ.
Canhead (Panhead Custom Ales) Lola Deville Rosehip & Hibiscus Saison – by Panhead, Upper Hutt, NZ.


Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale – from Kiuchi Brewery, Japan. Pictured here in my fridge.
Rubus Couture Raspberry Saison- by New New New Corporation, Dunedin, NZ.
Beer for girls

Tasting beer – beginners

I am a big advocate for extending one’s palate. Remember when you were a kid and you didn’t like onions, olives or anchovies? Well craft beers can be pungent, smoky, sour or unbelievably bitter. I wouldn’t give a non-craft-beer-drinker an intense tasting beer and expect them to like it.

Even alcohol itself is an acquired taste. I spent many Saturday nights as a teenager swigging Jim Beam from the bottle, not because I liked it, but cos I thought that was what you were meant to do. Now my tastebuds won’t let me touch bourbon. Thankfully there is beer.

So what I want to compile here, are some great links on how to taste beer, and some recommended beers to taste based on the intensity of flavours you are used to.

A great post on developing your palate for beer tasting here:

Tasting beer – beginners