Today I really earned a beer.

So, I stopped at the supermarket on my way home and bought one. This beer was all the right things. It was $4.99 (which is a pretty good price when you’re buying a single bottle) and it said “Bitter” so I knew I’d like it. Plus the word “Bitch” appealed to me.

Smells: Like beer, and that is a really good thing right now.

Tastes: bitter, caramelly. First impressions are hoppy. But it’s not bitter or hoppy in an astringent way. I could definitely down a few more of these babies before transitioning into my nighty with a cup of chai.┬áIt has a caramelly brulee’d sweetness underlying it’s punchy exterior. The label describes it as “A hop-filled IPA with a solid malt backbone.”

BitterBitch is made using English malt in the grist, and a bold English bittering hop in the boil. Which doesn’t mean much to me yet, but I’m trying to understand the complexities of beer a little better.

For now, analyzing this perfect little bottle while I put my feet up is complexity enough for me.